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My family and I love to play games!

Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
Nintendo Wii
Microsoft Xbox 360
Nintendo GameCube
Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo 64
Atari Jaguar 64
Sega Megadrive
Atari 7800
Atari 2600
...and even Samsung's N505 with NUON.

My family and I love our game console add-ons!

Nintendo Wii Balance Board
3rd-party Wii Magnum
Nintendo Wii Zapper
Nintendo GameBoy Players (GameCube)
Nintendo Bongos (GameCube)
Nintendo Dance Mats (GameCube)
Nintendo Broadband Adapters (GameCube)
Atari Jaguar CDs (Jaguar)
Atari JagLink (Jaguar)

My family and I love to play games on the move!

Nintendo DSi / DSi XL
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DS
Nintendo GBA SP
Nintendo GBA
Atari Lynx II
Quickshot Supervision

I love to experiment with home-brew game development!

Atari Jaguar Alpine
Atari Jaguar BJL modification

For now, visit my old Atari Jaguar 64 site...